Hey everyone, I just posted some pics last night about my makeup and hair Vanity station and my inbox has been flooded with what parts I used and how it was built. Rather than message everyone individually I decided to make this post and link to all the items used. The whole thing took about 5 hours to put together.

Initially for this project, I was looking for vanity mirrors I could purchase but it all seemed overly expensive online. I found one that was decent, but only half the size that I needed for about $600. That wasn’t going to work so I did some research as to what I may need and came up with something, all of which can be purchased on Amazon and Home Depot / Lowes.

Parts Needed:

Home Depot / Lowes Parts:

  • Half inch plywood measuring 48″ x 40.25″ (they sell precut sheets 48×48) $15
  • Pint of Flat Black Interior Paint $10
  • Small Roller + Pan $6 (they sell a kit)
  • #6 Pan Head Wood Screws 3/8″

The last thing you’ll also need is the mirror itself. I called a local glass and mirror company and they charged me $100 for a custom sized mirror. Mine was 39″ x 35.75″ (I left a quarter inch of space between the mirror and the lights) and a quarter inch thick. They will ask you how you want the edges done. Just tell them you want them smooth (so you don’t cut yourself), but that should be standard.


First thing you’ll want to do is have the plywood cut to size. this needs to be exact (do not rely on home depot / lowes to make a perfect cut if you want them to cut it to size, their saws are not calibrated and you will have sometimes up to a half an inch difference over 48″ distance).

Once the plywood is cut. Paint the front and back with the flat black paint. about a half a pint should be enough for both sizes + trim. It should take no longer than an hour per side to dry. While that’s drying, take the outlet box and spray paint it black (optional, as it’s behind the panel, nobody’s really going to see it).

Next, measure 4.25″ on the left and right side and draw a vertical line (that’s where the vertical lights will be mounted). And a line 4.25″ from the top horizontally (that’s where the 4′ light strip will be mounted). The diagram should look like so.


Unpack all the light fixtures and remove the cups around each lights by twisting and pulling out (do not remove the protective film yet). Remove the cover panel and set aside. Set